Office Manager


  • LL.B  University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of Law: Graduated Lawyer

Work experience:

  • 2019   Office Manger at Zunic Law Firm
  • 2017 – 2018  Commercial Manager, Sul Americano Naturals
  • 2014 – 2015  Jurist Apprentice, District Town Hall of the Municipality of Žitište
  • 2013 – 2015  Member of the work group, Youth Bureau of the Municipality of Zitiste


Serbian (native), English, Russian

Prior to joining Zunic Law, Slađana worked as a Commercial Manager at a foreign company, where she was in charge of business development in international sales. Aside from acquiring new clients, maintaining contact with the existing clients, mediating and monitoring the realization of contracts, Slađana also conducted market monitoring and research, market demand analysis, and participated in the construction and restructuring of the product portfolio.

As a jurist apprentice, Slađana completed her apprenticeship at the District Town Hall of the municipality of Žitište. During the apprenticeship program, she was placed in multiple departments, primarily in the Department of Economy, Urbanism, Communal Affairs and Environment Protection, where she managed statistical and recording duties in agriculture and government-owned public land rent affairs, as well as in the Department of General Management, Administrative District and Communal Affairs, where she was engaged in personal civic affairs, technical administrative sector, as a scrivener and archivist.

During her time at the Youth Bureau of the Municipality of Žitište, Slađana was in charge of the implementation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ National strategy, by means of realization of the Local Action plan for the Youth. One part of the Local Action plan Slađana was in charge of was youth employment, through general and specific goals, by means of improving the employment conditions of the youth in smaller environments.

Slađana speaks Russian and English.