In contract lifecycle management, not all stages take place as planned. When an escalation occurs, the parties do not always need to go to litigation or arbitration. Our broad experience in advising IT companies enables our team to present the parties with a number of opportunities that allows them to resolve a dispute in a low-key manner, which is characteristic for IT dispute resolution.

If a settlement is impossible to reach, our broad experience in advising IT companies enables us to represent both IT customers and IT suppliers before the court or arbitration. Oftentimes, the diligent expertise of our legal advisors in detecting where or who ‘took the wrong turn’ proved to be of paramount for the outcome of an IT dispute.

We have a superior track record of handling cases involving software copyright, as well as cases related to the agreements for the provision of software development services. In addition, clients usually instruct our firm to represent them in trademark infringement cases including disputes over domain names and the use of trademarks on the Internet.