Nemanja Žunić 

Fast-evolving IT outsourcing market in Serbia attracts transactions with complex legal issues. To us, such transactions are based on much more than a simple contract – they imply lasting business relationships based on the transfer of resources and ideas. Creating successful outsourcing engagements requires care and attention at every stage of the process and a keen eye for the perils and pitfalls which are inherent to each of them.

Being experienced with the key contractual battlegrounds and points of issue in an outsourcing agreement, our IT lawyers assist with setting appropriate requirements capture, schedules for deliverables, service levels and credits, and advice on complex pricing structures, risk/renewal strategies, liability, data protection and the exit from the agreement. We make sure that the agreement reflects a “fair for all” approach.

Finally, if breaches of contract occur, we assist in negotiating the termination of the business relationship or we assist in pursuing appropriate damages by enforcing the agreement in a dispute resolution.