Zunic Law Firm advises many prominent individuals residing in Serbia and abroad on their private finances, investment and disposal of assets in Serbia.

Our clients need pragmatic and thorough legal advice on how to plan a disposal of their assets in order to avoid unforeseen consequences and potential tax liability for their business and property. Our private clients mostly have company and commercial legal backgrounds, acting either as business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs, shareholders or investors. ‘Life Planning’ for a business owner encompasses a variety of issues which need consideration, from management of shareholdings to the management of all other types of assets. Our attorneys assist our clients by establishing the necessary protection against any unpredictable scenario so that the property is to be distributed in accordance with your plans.

Our services include:

  • Writing wills for family and business assets;
  • Writing life care contracts;
  • Private Investment or Charity donations;
  • Review of shareholder’s agreements;
  • Contesting Wills and Life care contracts;
  • All types of disputes arising from inheritance procedure.