Sep 2018

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Zunic Law is committed to providing the highest standards in legal services and solving complex legal matters that require innovative legal expertise in the emerging areas of law. In accordance with this policy, which we have honored for more than 30 years, we believe we owe a significant portion of our law firm’s success to the ambitious and dedicated team, centered around professionals and young lawyers who are equally committed to their continuous professional development and progress, and above all, share common personal and ethical values.

In line with the continuing trend of our firm’s growth and expanding the team of young colleagues who stand out with their potential for the legal profession, we are pleased to announce to have expanded our team with two new associate attorneys, Kristina Vuljaj and Dejan Dubajić.

Kristina Vuljaj joined Zunic Law in November 2015, after completing LLB at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, where she graduated among top 1%, and subsequently obtained her LLM degree, along with a rich extra-curricular experience and success in international competitions in the field of law. After successfully passing the bar exam, Kristina assumes the role of head of the department for rights of foreigners and family law which she specialized in and attained enviable results in practice with the clients.

Dejan Dubajić joined Zunic Law in 2018, as the head of the corporate law department. Dejan has also obtained an exceptional track record during the course of his studies, graduating in top 1%, after which he completed an LLM degree while specializing in the field of commercial law. Dejan gained previous experience in several prominent law firms, and at Zunic Law, Dejan assists a large number of foreign companies that wish to enter the Serbian market and which need comprehensive legal assistance.

Vitomir Žunić, the Managing Partner at Zunic Law, comments on the addition to the legal team:

“We firmly believe that choosing the right people is one of the key secrets to our firm’s success. We are always pleased when we have the honor to work with extremely ambitious and hard-working young people who, apart from their certified professional accomplishments, affirm their personal values on a daily basis. What makes us particularly pleased is the fact that the attorneys Vuljaj and Dubajić have seamlessly integrated into the team in no time and both already form an integral part of Zunic Law. They share essential value and vision our firm is based upon, thus demonstrating their immense contribution to the rapid growth and future progress of our firm.”

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