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Aligning with EU Standards for Digital Platforms: Zunic Law Partners with the Public Policy Research Center


Zunic Law has teamed up with the Public Policy Research Center for a joint project called “DIGI-SYNC Serbia: Let’s accelerate the harmonization of regulations with EU standards in the governance of digital platforms.” The primary goal of this project is to strengthen the regulatory framework governing digital food delivery platforms in Serbia while improving the well-being of platform workers. This endeavor will entail aligning with EU standards and proposing future legal regulations in this field.

Members of the Zunic Law team are specifically focused on regulating digital platforms from the perspectives of competition law, digital business, and the labor rights of platform workers. The primary aim of adequate regulation in this sector is to establish fair market competition, ensuring both freedom and fairness in competition for potential new entrants, while safeguarding the rights of platform workers and creating opportunities for new and high-quality employment. Zunic Law, in partnership with the Center, will propose public policy recommendations that will be presented to relevant stakeholders, including government officials, unions, and legal experts, with the objective of establishing a legal framework aligned with current market demands and the EU regulations.

Zunic Law is grateful for the chance to collaborate once more with the Public Policy Research Center. This partnership offers a platform to tackle critical issues in this field, aiming to improve business conditions in the digital food delivery sector and create better employment prospects.

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