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Nikola Todorović

CEO of Wonder Dynamics

As an artificial intelligence company from the USA, we sought legal support to establish a presence in Serbia. Based on a recommendation, we started working with Zunic Law in 2020. The team proved to be extremely responsive and dedicated to the client’s needs.

Mirko Topalski

CEO of MBTR Ventures

Navigating the legal waters of the gaming industry demands some serious legal expertise, and Zunic Law brings it in spades.

Peđa Predin

Managing Director of Fifth Quarter Ventures

We highly recommend Zunic Law for any business in search of efficient and high-quality legal service.

Vedran Vukman

CEO of Revuto

Zunic Law provided excellent support in IT law, from launching our subscription app to the crypto wallet and staking service. Rapid responsiveness and ability to simplify complex legal concepts make them a great fit for any digital company.

Miloš Banjac

CFO of Bloomberg Adria

Zunic Law is our go-to law firm, especially for any commercial, digital, or data protection matter. Their proactive approach and swift responses have led to the cultivation of a strong and reliable partnership.

Milan Šolaja

CEO of Vojvodina ICT Cluster

In the ever-changing world of ICT, Zunic Law has truly been our reliable guide and a practical ally. Their deep understanding of our industry allows them to seamlessly apply legal principles, skillfully navigating the intricate landscape of the ICT sector.

Redefining your experience with
law firms

Alumni of Top-Notch Universities

Discover top-tier international standards in legal support with our committed team led by graduates of the University of Cambridge and UCL.

More Affordable due to Technology

Technology and streamlined processes make us more efficient. Less time spent makes us more affordable to clients.

Cutting-Edge Legal Areas

Our attorneys have won the highest number of recognitions in IT Law and Data. We love problem solving in cutting – edge legal areas.

Over Three Decades of Experience

With +30 years of providing legal services in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and across Serbia, the chances we have not dealt with a similar legal matter to yours are slim to none.

Save time.
Focus on your growth.
Leave the legal to us.

Client portal

People often complain that law firms lack transparency. We heard you! Therefore, we implemented Client Portal to give clients 24/7 visibility of projects and the associated fees.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Urgent matters require an urgent response. Most times email won’t cut it. We use advanced collaboration models to allow faster and easier access. We don't just forget you after 5 pm.

Your Company’s Legal Doctor

Companies that become our clients receive periodic legal health check-ups from our legal doctor free of charge. We make sure your company is in good legal health at all times.

Industry Recognition For
Outstanding Support

Client feedback was submitted to top-ranking organizations, resulting in numerous recognitions for our law firm.

Access to Global Network of the
Leading Law Firms

Because you deserve outstanding support regardless of the borders…

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