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Open positions in our team.

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Opportunities for students

Scholarship Program

We run several scholarship programs for the most promising students who go through our selection process once a year. If you would like to apply, sign up for our candidate’s newsletter and we will inform you when we open the application process.


We offer a vacation scheme to the brightest students either in the final year of their degree or immediate graduates, which lasts for a week. If you would like to apply, sign up for our candidate’s newsletter and we will send the details.

Open Day

Zunic Law Firm organizes an “Open Day” twice a year. This is a unique opportunity to get insight into our work and talk to our team. If you would like to apply, sign up for our candidate’s newsletter and we will inform you on the dates.

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Your questions answered

Can I apply for a job position throughts the year?

Zunic Law periodically publishes job advertisements when certain positions are expected to be filled within several months. Nevertheless, we are always considering new applicants, so please do send your application regardless of the deadline in the last job advertisement. Not a single application is ignored.

We are searching for candidates who have the potential to become great lawyers. We highly appreciate academic excellence, extracurricular activities such as moot court competitions, students’ societies and voluntary work. While your biography is important for us, we equally value your interpersonal skills. You need to have the right attitude and teamwork skills, which would enable you to fit in a friendly and tight-knit environment.

No, we don’t. We also welcome non-lawyers for business development, office management or as consultants in various areas.

To put it simply, all candidates who have studied or did professional training abroad are more than welcome.

If the candidate graduated at one of the Faculties of Law in Serbia, and then went abroad for additional studies (such as Master’s degree, Ph.D., summer school, courses…), they can follow the usual path from associate to a lawyer (junior or senior), up to the position of a partner.

In case the candidate obtained their bachelor’s degree at a Faculty of Law abroad, their career path depends on the right of that candidate to become an attorney in the Republic of Serbia. If a candidate doesn’t have the right, they may follow an alternate path, such as working as a consultant for the legal team or joining some of our other teams (depending on their affinities and desires), which can also lead to a partner position.

In any case, we are open to all candidates who are motivated and wish to work in a team.

Our law firm works with many foreign clients, so high proficiency in English is one of the deciding factors. However, experience has shown us that sometimes, candidates underestimate themselves, and believe they are not good enough, which later on turns out to be false. So, our advice is to apply for the job and leave the evaluation of your English proficiency to us.

It is important to mention that we do not expect high proficiency in legal English. You will learn that while working with us.

No! There are no age restrictions for any of the positions at our office.

At Zunic Law Firm we operate a genuine ‘open door’ policy, meaning that trainees and attorneys regularly drop into each others’ offices to discuss ideas and provide mutual support. We aim to ensure that the voice of even our youngest team members is heard, clearly demonstrating our intention to put the responsibility on newcomers. More responsibility means greater opportunity to develop expertise faster than in other law firms. We offer our young associates on-the-job supervision and feedback to further their professional development.

We truly appreciate academic excellence so a great grade point average can be an advantage when applying, however, the grade point average alone will not decide whether we hire someone or not.

The duration of studies is not a criterium which we take into consideration.

When applying, an advantage will be given to extracurricular activities such as moot courts, membership in student organizations, and volunteer work.

Although your CV is important to us, we value your interpersonal skills the most. You should have the right attitude and be good at teamwork in order to fit in to a friendly and tight-knit environment. Our goal is to make our work together pleasant and successful for both of us.

Our main goal is to ensure that the voice of our youngest team members is heard, which clearly shows our intention to transfer the responsibility to them as well. More responsibility means more opportunities to develop expertise, faster than in other law firms.

Each associate is assigned a mentor from the first day – an attorney who monitors their work and is available for any help and feedback, so you are not left on your own.

Besides regular work obligations (such as going to hearings, drafting various legal acts in court and regulatory proceedings), legal associates are trained on the highest standards of communication with clients, by attending meetings or having access to written correspondence, modeled after the most distinguished foreign law firms from Great Britain. Same as other members, legal associates also do research on various topics, draft legal opinions, draft agreements and write blog posts.

Our law firm provides an opportunity to those who are just starting their legal path as well as those who already have experience.

We equally appreciate those at the start of their career as well as those with experience. As a result, legal associates do not volunteer in our law firm but are hired based on an employment agreement or internship agreement. Both agreements include compensation, as explained in the following question.

To those candidates who are still students, we offer an opportunity to perform an internship for the duration of two weeks, and that type of work is considered volunteer work.

Legal associates receive a monthly compensation, with a growth tendency at every 6 months. In the second year of the traineeship, the legal associate enters the bonus program, so they get bonuses quarterly. Exceptionally, if an associate puts in extreme effort and shows progress, they may enter the bonus program during their first year.

All information of this nature will be disclosed during the job interview. During the interview, you may ask us anything you wish to know since we truly try to be transparent and clear about the things which await our future employee.

If you prove to be a good fit for our team, at the end of your second year, we will offer you an opportunity to stay in our team of attorneys. You will have the chance to choose whether you wish to be hired in our Belgrade office or our Novi Sad office.

Attorneys can have a junior, senior, or partner position. Our long-term goal is to expand the team of partners and fill it with the most valuable and the most successful team members.