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Diversity of IT Professions in the New List of Occupations


As of January 1, 2019, the Decision on Unique List of Codes for Registration and Coding of Information in the Field of Employment started to apply. The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Decision in 2018. The List of occupations is an integral part of the Decision.

In comparison to the previous Decision on Unique List of Codes for Registration and Coding of Information in the Area of Labor of 1998, the 2018 Decision introduced significant novelties.

What is of great importance for the IT sector in the Serbian job market is a wide spectrum of occupations which the List classifies under group no. 25, labeled “Experts for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)”. They are further grouped in Software development experts, Internet applications and multimedia content development experts, Applications programmers, as well as Database and network experts.

Information system designer, Software designer, Animations developer, Computer games developer, Multimedia programmer and Website designer are just a few of the many professions prescribed by the 2018 Decision.

Significant changes that the 2018 Decision introduced present a reflection of the tendency of the increase in the number of professions in the Serbian job market, which is especially true for the IT field. Through detailed classification in the List of occupations, the Serbian government recognized the current state in the job market, thus stimulating the employment of IT experts.

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