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Other Attractive Locations for Obtaining a Residence Permit


Ever found yourself daydreaming about ditching the familiar and embracing life in a new corner of the world? Sure, Spain, Portugal, and Thailand might be the go-to choices, but there’s a whole world of lesser-known gems that not only welcome expats but also make it relatively easy to secure a residence permit. 

Ever considered the allure of places like Panama, Paraguay, or Montenegro? These countries offer enticing climates, reasonable living costs, and straightforward paths to residency. Who would’ve thought that broadening your horizons could be both attractive and achievable? If the craving for a new adventure in an offbeat locale has hit you, one of these destinations might just be your ideal escape.

Paraguay – Affordable Residency Awaits

For those seeking an affordable residence permit, the парагвай внж (Paraguay residence permit) offer might just be your hidden gem. As a foreign national, you’ve got a few pathways to legal residency:

  • Investment Residence: Invest in Paraguay by starting a business or buying real estate, and you can apply for an investment residence permit. Live in Paraguay indefinitely and enjoy benefits like tax incentives. After 3-5 years, permanent residency is on the table.
  • Retirement Residence: If you’re 55 or older, apply for Paraguay’s retirement residence permit. Show a minimum monthly income of $1,500, and you can live in Paraguay indefinitely. After 3 years, you can apply for permanent residency.
  • Work Residence: Secure a job in Paraguay, and your employer can sponsor you for a work residence permit. Tied to your specific job, it may lead to permanent residency after 2-5 years of continuous work.


Paraguay keeps things simple with a straightforward application process and relatively low fees for its residence permits compared to other countries. The appeal? A low cost of living, tax benefits, and a landscape that’s both diverse and scenic. For those considering a move, consulting an immigration lawyer could help you navigate Paraguay’s residence options. With some research, this South American beauty might just become your new home.

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program

Let’s start with the charm of Portugal and its Golden Visa program, a pathway to EU residency that’s as enticing as it sounds. The deal? Invest a minimum of €280,000 in Portuguese real estate or €350,000 in local job-creating business activities. Once you’ve made this investment, the clock starts ticking on your 5-year residency permit.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Spend just 7 days in Portugal during the first and third years, and voilà, you can apply for permanent residency after year 5 and citizenship after year 6. The cherry on top? Access to live or retire in sunny Portugal with its stunning coastline, Mediterranean climate, and a cost of living that won’t break the bank. Plus, you get to travel freely within the 26 European Schengen countries.

Portugal’s real estate market is ripe with potential, especially in up-and-coming areas outside Lisbon and the Algarve. And if you’re thinking business, establishing a company there could open doors to new opportunities within the EU.

Panama – Your Affordable Haven

Now, if you’re on the lookout for an affordable haven, Panama might just be calling your name. Picture this: beautiful scenery, a low cost of living, and yes, certain tax benefits. The process to apply for residency is relatively straightforward – prove a minimum monthly income of $1,000 from sources like Social Security, pensions, or investments.

Once you’re approved, the options are laid out for you:

  • Temporary Resident ($250/year): Spend at least 6 months in Panama. Easy to renew.
  • Permanent Resident ($300/year): Up the ante to at least 9 months in Panama. More privileges but a bit trickier to obtain.
  • Pensionado Program ($$$/year): If you’ve got a lifetime pension of at least $1,000/month, this program offers substantial discounts and tax exemptions.


Whether you choose the bustling capital city of Panama City or a more serene mountain or coastal setting, you’ll find natural beauty, outdoor activities, cultural events, and a warm expat community ready to help you settle into your new home. Panama – your slice of paradise with an affordable and laid-back lifestyle.

Switzerland – Residency in the Lap of Luxury

Switzerland – the epitome of pristine landscapes and a high standard of living. If you’re a non-EU national eyeing residency in this European haven, you’ve got a few options:

  • Federal Permit (C Permit): This long-term residency permit allows you to settle in Switzerland. Qualifications include living in Switzerland for at least 10 years (or 5-10 years if married to a Swiss national), meeting language requirements, maintaining a clean criminal record, and proving financial self-sufficiency. With a C Permit, you can live, work, or study in Switzerland indefinitely.


Switzerland values economic self-sufficiency, so proving you can support yourself financially without relying on government aid is a must. But the payoff is life in a country known for its exceptional quality of life and breathtaking natural scenery.

Venturing Beyond Borders: Concluding the Global Residency Guide

Whether you’re dreaming of a permanent relocation or just fancy spending part of the year somewhere new, these countries offer appealing residence permit options. Sure, the application processes might require a bit of legwork, but gaining the right to live in an exciting new place is well worth the effort. At the end of the day, it’s about following your heart. If one of these spots is calling your name, don’t ignore it. Do your research, get your paperwork in order, and take the plunge. Your next home could be just a residence permit away. The experiences, people, and adventures you’ll discover will stay with you forever.

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