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Tips for Getting Yourself Fully Prepared for a Job Interview


If you have reached this step it means that your CV and letter of motivation stand out from the rest and that your proficiency in the English language is at an excellent level. Congratulations!

To save both your and our valuable time, we will give you some guidance so you can be great in a job interview as well.


Although you have certainly studied the employer enough to write your letter of motivation, this is an inevitable step. Find out as much as possible about your prospective employer: about his business, how he is organized, and the areas of law the firm specializes in. Explore their website, as well as social networks. Find out what are the company values and what sets the company apart from the competition. This advice is important because the employer will not be the only one who will have the opportunity to ask questions in the job interview. You will be able to do that too. Moreover, if you want to make a good impression, you should also ask some questions. That is how you will show your interest and seriousness in wanting to be part of his team. So, think carefully and prepare at least two questions for your potential employer at the end of the interview.

Note: There are no stupid questions, but there are unnecessary ones. If you could have easily found out something about the employer online, your question will portray you as a frivolous candidate who has not shown enough interest.

For example, you should not ask a question such as: In which areas of law do you specialize in?


Since the law is a profession that intertwines with other professions, you need to be familiar with how industries and businesses work. It’s about knowing what’s going on in the world and analyzing the way it might impact your chosen sector and company. This means that you should be informed of the novelties in legal regulations on a high level and to be prepared to provide your opinion if asked. To help you understand, a good example is an entry into force of the GDPR in 2018. A person who does not know about this novelty could not be considered an informed lawyer.

You can never know where one sentence can lead to in a conversation, so it is advisable to come informed to the job interview to avoid leaving the impression of being uninterested. We do not expect you to know all the news, but it is certainly preferable to know those in the legal field (at least to give some examples if asked such a question).

Note: This tip will prepare you for working with us since our team consists of people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our office is not an old-fashioned law firm as we always strive for innovations and that’s why we need team members who are informed and commercially aware.


Answering employer’s questions about your acquired education, work experience and successes achieved so far, you should pay attention to the manner of speaking. Try to follow these instructions:

  • Talk about yourself without boasting
  • Speak clearly and accurately
  • Do not go too wide, answer the questions specifically
  • Present yourself as an expert using professional terms correctly
  • Choose your words carefully and do not be vulgar or ironic
  • Do not answer the questions with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  • Be an active listener in order to ask questions when appropriate
  • Do not interrupt the interlocutor
  • Focus on the important facts and respond clearly, loudly and without hesitation.

Prepare your answers to these and similar questions:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What areas of law are you most interested in?
  • What extracurricular activities did you attend during your studies?
  • What areas of law did you pursue in your previous engagements?
  • What are your career goals and why did you apply for a job in our office?

Note: In order to be confident, it is a good tip to try acting out the job interview scene at your home by following the given instructions. This will significantly reduce your anxiety and stage fright during an actual job interview.


Paying attention to your attitude and body posture can contribute to your better presentation. Remember to make eye contact with the employer to seem more confident and self-assured. A strong handshake is very important because it can give the impression of a serious candidate, who is ready for the job. Just don’t let it get too strong, we don’t need to deal with an injury at work even before you get a job. ?

Try to avoid body language that shows anxiety, such as constant hair-touching, snapping fingers or chewing a piece of gum. Concentrate on the conversation and stay focused until the very end.

Your smile and enthusiasm will make the atmosphere pleasant, making it easier for your employer to imagine you as part of the team.

The employer can conclude a lot from what you show and don’t say, so make sure you also come to his premises on time and remember to switch off your phone before the interview starts.

Note: Be who you are, but at your best to present yourself as a person with enough confidence, self-criticism, responsibility, who is well organized and can be trusted.


Even though a suit does not make a man, it certainly affects the employer’s first impression of you. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the choice of clothing combination.

Formal dressing and business casual dressing are considered appropriate for the job interview. Formal dressing involves wearing a suit or just formal pants and shirts for men, while for women, formal dressing includes smart trousers, smart skirts, jackets, shirts or blouses with business elegant shoes or business elegant boots.

Business casual implies more relaxed business combinations, such as sweaters instead of jackets, flat business shoes for women or non-denim trousers.

Jeans and shorts are considered inappropriate for a job interview, as well as skirts and dresses shorter than the upper edge of the knee, strapless blouse, transparent blouse, sandals, open-toed shoes and the like. You should also avoid inappropriate designs and extremely bright and striking colors, as well as inappropriately high heels.

Note: Choosing the right clothing combination can greatly affect how you behave in a job interview. If you are adequately dressed, you will certainly feel more confident and it will improve the whole presentation.

Now that you have all the instructions, prepare yourself well for the role of a great candidate in the job interview. Delight your critics by successfully passing this step of the journey towards the job in our firm and finally join our team!

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