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Webinar: Nemanja Žunić about Legal Regulations of Electronic Signature


HSM Informatika asked our partner, Nemanja Žunić, to participate as a lecturer on a Webinar regarding practical aspects of electronic document signing.

HSM Informatika will organize a free webinar on September 30, at 2 PM on the topic of electronic document signing. Additional information about the webinar, as well as registration for the webinar, can be done on the website of HSM Informatika on this link .

The webinar attendees will get the chance to, in detail, find out all about the possibilities that electronic document signing offers through the use of the AdobeSign program. Slaven Stojanović, Head of Sales in HSM Informatika will explain this more thoroughly, while Paula Stražičić will explain how the program works by using practical examples.

Nemanja Žunić, partner at Zunic Law Firm will talk about the electronic signing of agreements in practice, as well as about different misapprehensions regarding the legal validity of electronically signed documents . You can also find out more about the confidentiality of the electronic signature in Nemanja’s BizLife interview .

If you are interested in how electronic signature is used, about its different types, as well as the procedures for acquiring this certificate and electronic signature in Serbia, you can read about it in more detail in our blog Short Guide on Using the Electronic Signature on our website.

We would like to remind you, once more, that the registration for the webinar on September 30, 2020, can be done by following this link to the website of HSM Informatika .

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