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Tijana Žunić Marić Author of Chapter on Employee Monitoring in Serbia for Data Guidance Platform


After the recent conference on the Future of Work where Attorney-Partner Tijana Žunić Marić spoke on the lawfulness of the use of applications for employee monitoring which took off during Covid-19, it is our honor to announce that Tijana Žunić Marić has authored the chapter on Serbia which covers the regulatory rules of employee monitoring in Serbia, for OneTrust Data Guidance platform.

OneTrust Data Guidance is one of the most well-known and modern world research platforms which has conducted global research regarding laws on privacy and security for more than two decades. Hundreds of global laws on privacy and more than tens of thousands of additional resources are mapped on Data Guidance, so that buyers have an insight into detailed research, information, and perspectives on the emerging list of global regulations regarding privacy.

Attorney Tijana Žunić Marić, who is highly specialized in the field of Personal Data Protection, and the head of the department for employment law, as well as data protection at Zunic Law Firm, has written a chapter that covers the most important legal questions regarding the regulation of employee monitoring in Serbia. Some of the questions include an overview of legal regulations that regulate video surveillance of employees, biometric surveillance, surveillance of official email accounts and phones, and other electronic devices during work, as well as employee’s right to access data.

It is our honor to have contributed to an extremely important question through the chapter on Data Guidance. The chapter is available within the international overview of all relevant legislation regarding employee monitoring, with guides for employee monitoring by jurisdictions from the whole world composed by some of the most prominent experts in the field of personal data protection.

Although the topic of employee monitoring is not new, this question is in focus once again, because of the expansion of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why we often encounter employers who violate the rules of the Personal Data Protection Law. Even though in the last few years, a huge focus was put on personal data protection in general, as well as employee personal data protection, and having in mind that the fines for encroachment into employees’ privacy can be huge, we believe that this topic is of crucial importance for everyone, especially for employers.

Zunic Law Firm is extremely dedicated to personal data protection, and our department specifically focuses on various aspects of employee personal data protection and through our everyday work with clients, and also via our blog. Some of the headlines that are worth mentioning are the most common misconceptions of employers on personal data protection, as well as what is considered an encroachment into employee privacy in light of Covid-19? You can find other headlines and news regarding this important topic on our blog dedicated to personal data protection and privacy.

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