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Anja Berić

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  • LL.M University of Novi Sad: Master of Law
  • LL.B University of Novi Sad: Graduated Lawyer


Work experience:

  • Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Joint Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad
  • Associate at Zunic Law Firm
  • 2019 Admitted to the Bar Association of Vojvodina



Anja Berić is an Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Joint Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad. She joined the team in 2019 after being admitted to the Bar Association of Vojvodina.


Anja specializes in the fields of IT Law, Data Protection & Privacy, and Intellectual Property Law.


Prior to working at Zunic Law Firm, Anja completed her studies at the Faculty of Law, the University of Novi Sad, among the first ones in her generation, with a high GPA. She continued her formal education at the same Faculty, where she successfully completed her master’s studies, defending her master’s thesis on the topic “Non-Disclosure Agreements in Domestic and Comparative Law”. During her studies, Anja was a Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Developments of the Republic of Serbia.


During her undergraduate studies, Anja also completed an internship in the Criminal Department of Basic and Higher courts in Novi Sad, as well as the Basic Court and Court of Appeals in Novi Sad. Additionally, she has actively participated in the work of the Human Trafficking Legal Clinic and was a member of ELSA.


Anja speaks English fluently and has intermediate knowledge of Spanish and German.

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Anja Berić


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