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We are the exclusive law firm that has been welcomed into the membership of Vojvodina ICT Cluster.

Zunic Law is the only law firm accepted to the ICT Cluster Central Serbia.

How do we help your
Digital Business?

Negotiating the best deals for you

We strive to level the playing field and enable you to score more goals. 

Making sure your IP is protected at all times

Your IP is one of your most valuable business assets and we make sure it is protected. 

Keeping your business out of non-compliance problems

We shield your business from non-compliance pitfalls, regardless of the challenge. 

Ensuring you are protecting users and that you are protected from users

Copy-paste is not the way to implement written policies to govern your website or app. 

IT Law

IT Contracts & Software Licensing

Artificial Intelligence Law

Trade Secrets & Confidentiality

Crypto & Web3


Media & Internet Law

Tech Startup

Data Protection


You are a person focusing on the upside rather than the downside?

Live on the edge of innovation?

Is crypto a part of your identity?

You are at the right place!

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Do you wish to play the risky game, scale
fast and “break things”?

Well, we worked with like-minded people and know what
makes them tick.

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