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Zunic Law Firm Held a Webinar “The Most Common Mistakes of Employers in the IT Sector” for IT Clusters in Serbia


On November 10, 2020, the attorneys of Zunic Law Firm hosted a webinar for the members of the leading ICT clusters of Serbia about the most common mistakes made by IT companies in the field of labor & employment law in Serbia. The webinar was titled ” the most common mistakes of employers in the IT sector “. The lecture was held by Tijana Žunić Marić , a partner at Zunic Law Firm, who is specialized in IT law, with extensive experience in labor and employment law within this specific industry, and attorney Jelena Đukanović who is specialized in the field of labor and employment. law and data protection.

The focus of this webinar was put on sharing our vast experience in advising over 50 IT companies annually in the field of employment law, where we have noticed certain mistakes being repeated over and over which can be easily avoided by utilizing the maximum potential offered by the Serbian regulations, as well as solutions coming from more advanced legal systems. This is why we have created a specific webinar structure for the members of the IT sector, with the aim to contribute to the functioning of the IT community, as one of the leading branches of the Serbian economy.

During the interactive webinar as well as during the part intended for Q&A, we have touched upon mistakes in the field of employment law in general, such as mistakes made during the payment of salaries, expenses, compensation of salaries, and also oversights in the regulation of personal data protection, etc. We have also focused on the mistakes which are specific to the IT sector, such as confidentiality , procedures for the use of open-source codes , intellectual property protection , and other topics relevant to IT companies.

Since one of the main principles of work that Zunic Law rests upon is sharing knowledge, we were pleased to hold this type of lecture for the people who have crucial roles within the IT sector. Once again, we would like to thank our associates from the Vojvodina ICT cluster , the ICT cluster of Central Serbia , as well as participants of this webinar who were engaging and posed many interesting questions.

Since we plan to hold webinars on various hot topics from different fields of law, feel free to follow our blog for updates on the upcoming projects .

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