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Bloomberg Adria Appoints Tijana Žunić Marić as Data Representative for Serbia


HD-Win doo Zagreb, the company behind the Bloomberg Adria Platform, appointed Tijana Žunić Marić, Partner at Zunic Law Firm, as a Data Representative for Serbia in March 2023. Bloomberg Adria is a regional media outlet of Bloomberg News, covering the countries of the Adriatic region, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Slovenia, which launched in 2022. Partner Tijana Žunić Marić will be responsible for ensuring compliance with data protection regulations in Serbia.

Bloomberg Adria, as the first multi-platform business news brand for Southeast Europe, provides real-time business and financial news, analysis, and insights for the region, with a focus on economics, finance, markets, and politics. Bloomberg Adria is part of the larger Bloomberg Media Group, which includes Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Bloomberg TV, among other media properties. With a global presence and a reputation for accurate and timely reporting, Bloomberg is a trusted source of business and financial news for professionals and investors around the world.

The information about the personal data protection representative has been published as a part of Bloomberg Adria’s Privacy Policy, including information for all interested persons who wish to contact this subject in order to direct inquiries or exercise their rights regarding personal data protection.

Appointing a country Data Protection (DP) representative is of great importance, particularly when considering how personal data processing can affect fundamental human rights. Although the obligation to appoint a DP representative was prescribed on the European level some time ago, global companies have faced challenges in implementing Article 27 of the GDPR. As a result, concrete measures have been taken to appoint individuals who specialize in protecting data subjects’ privacy.

The non-compliance of controllers and processors with their legal obligations may be due to a lack of understanding of the obligations themselves. As the Serbian Law on Personal Data Protection has largely adopted GDPR provisions, a comparison can be made between the institution of the DP representative and the European institution of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). It is important to note that while they may seem similar, it is essential to differentiate between these two terms. We have discussed the differences between them in our article titled Data Protection Officer vs GDPR appointed country representative for Serbia.

In many cases, controllers and processors operating on a global scale do not consider Serbia as part of Europe and may therefore neglect regulations regarding data protection of Serbian data subjects. This can result in the denial of guaranteed rights to Serbian citizens, ultimately impacting legal certainty and the rule of law. Non-compliant data controllers may face penal liabilities and fines, which, although not necessarily affecting the financial stability of large companies, can still damage their reputation. Therefore, all subjects required to appoint a country representative for Serbia should promptly comply with the law, allowing citizens to exercise and protect their rights related to the protection of their personal data.

Tijana Žunić Marić’s appointment follows her previous appointments as a Data Representative for Serbia for eSky and a Data Protection Officer for Lesnina S. As a leading law firm in the area of Data Privacy and Protection, having been consistently recognized and awarded by the prestigious international Who’s Who Legal legal ranking organization, we are excited about Tijana Žunić Marić’s new appointment and eagerly anticipate sharing further developments in this field.

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