Zunic Law Firm advises companies in IT sector throughout the business life cycle. Our attorneys at law advise many clients situated both in Novi Sad,Belgrade, Niš and Subotica. We draw on our in-depth knowledge from a wide range of practice areas so as to meet the challenges facing our clients. We try to apply more progressive legal standards where Serbian law provides no solution, or where the existing provisions have loopholes. Our team strongly believes that lawyers should be approachable instead of formal, and forward-thinking instead of stagnant. We strive to obtain thorough understanding of your business so that we can assist you in achieving your goals. For this reason, our lawyers work closely with our IT consultants when providing the best legal advice, something which in itself presupposes a knowledge of advanced technical issues.


Fast-evolving IT outsourcing market in Serbia attracts transactions with complex legal issues. In Zunic Law Firm we believe that such transactions are based on much more than simple contract – they imply lasting business relationships based on transfer of resources and ideas. By taking a commercial ‘fair for all’ approach, we seek to ensure mutual satisfaction for the businesses involved through the process.  Our full-service offering covers a range of areas, including employment, privacy and information management, tax, intellectual property, trade and commerce and regulatory  issues. We advise clients throughout the life cycle of an outsourcing relationship, from the initial structuring of a deal through the procurement process and to contract negotiation, transition and implementation. To us technology means simple, straightforward and efficient solutions that allows us to work collaboratively with you as a team.


Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad is the only law firm in Serbia that focuses specifically on IT start-ups. We take time to get to know you and your new  business and offer a complimentary initial meeting. Our free, initial, no-obligation consultation will provide you with bespoke legal advice and essential information about where and how to start. Zunic Law offers competitive fixed fees for advice and drafting documents, as well as all the legal support you and your business needs as it grows, without charging for every call or piece of advice.

For protecting brand of a start-up we provide a “one-stop shop”, since we realize that a large portion of a start-up’s competitive advantage lies in the size and clarity of its intellectual property portfolio. Zunic Law also understands that a start-up may be operating globally across various jurisdictions. Therefore, we are able to ensure that your business name is protected by a trademark not only in Serbia, but in many other countries such as in the United States, as well as in the EU Member States, so you do not have to hire lawyers from other jurisdictions, thus saving your precious resources for the start-up development.

The best proof that we understand your needs and concerns is the fact that members of our team have been founders of a start-up iQdemic themselves. See more at


The Serbian information technology landscape is constantly advancing through the outstanding performance of the Serbian companies paving their way into the top global markets. Interestingly, even though domestic IT players are appreciated around the world, the Serbian legal education and legal system have failed to follow such progress of IT sector. Based on our expertise acquired in more developed legal systems, Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad offers assistance to established IT companies with intellectual property management, licensing, contracts for business services and Internet law. Acting on behalf of technology users and suppliers, we also review existing contractual arrangements, provide in-depth analysis of liabilities and risks, and tailor strategies to meet our clients’ business objectives. We have also developed niche expertise in legal protection of software, which helps our client protect their most valuable aspect of intellectual property.