Trade Secrets & Confidentiality

Is your business safe from rogue former or current employees, unscrupulous competitors, and corporate spies? Is the most valuable asset your business owns – confidential information – properly protected from the audience?

In order to exercise responsible business operations, IT companies should make it imperative to have properly drafted policies, rulebooks, and non-disclosure agreements (NDA), which guard the safety of their trade secret and confidential information. By implementing procedural and physical safeguards and NDA execution, complemented with robust enforcement practices, it is possible to secure your IT company from such a failure.


In the absence of a developed legal framework and case law in Serbia, our IT attorneys apply good practices developed in more progressive legal systems, such as the UK and the US legal system. Therefore, they can assist in formulating policies and procedures for the protection of your business’s know-how in accordance with highly developed international standards.

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