Artificial Intelligence Law

AI’s transformative capabilities bring forth remarkable opportunities, but they also carry significant legal implications. Businesses venturing into the realm of AI must meticulously address a range of regulatory, data protection, data regulation, commercial, and intellectual property issues.

Our legal team supports cutting-edge companies in their use of artificial intelligence by:


Advising on Internal Policies for AI Implementation

Is your company aware of the AI ​​technology used by your employees? Do your employees have a clear understanding of the boundaries of permissible usage? Make sure you develop bulletproof and secure internal policies on the use of AI, preempting potential legal issues before they arise.


Ensuring Compliance with Serbia’s Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation

The use of Personal Data in the context of AI systems must be carefully assessed in advance to avoid legal consequences or fines.


Navigating Commercial Challenges in AI Procurement and Supply

Due to the intricacies of how AI systems are developed and operated, many issues need to be approached differently and require a deep understanding of tried and tested technology contracting models. Leveraging our extensive experience as the most awarded information technology lawyers in Serbia, we ensure AI solutions are properly addressed in your commercial documents.


Expert Advice on Intellectual Property Matters

Ensuring that intellectual property rights and rights to use data are properly catered for, encompassing both the inputs employed by the system and the potential outputs it generates.

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