Media & Internet Law

Within the Information Technology Sector, the Electronic Media & Internet Law constitutes the core of our legal practice. Our services include advisory and compliance, on the one hand, and dispute resolution, on the other.


Advisory & Compliance services include:

  • Registration of the media and representation in the proceedings for obtaining permits;
  • Marketing and advertising in electronic media such as TV and online commercials and product sales and placement, direct marketing, internet marketing, and paid search;
  • Advising on the unfair and deceptive commercial practices;
  • Advising on the online trademark infringement and misuse of domain names and domain theft;
  • Advising on the unlawful competition on the internet;
  • Defamation and slender on the internet and social media;
  • Drafting Website Agreements such as Terms of Use, Terms, and Conditions, Tech and SaaS Agreements.


Dispute Resolution services include:

  • Compensation Litigation for the breach of the right to privacy, including public and high-profile persons
  • Domain name disputes
  • Social media litigation
  • Online Dispute Resolution (such as e-bay, PayPal and other ODR)
  • Litigation in the matters of unlawful competition and deceptive commercial practices

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