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Company Formation

The procedure for company formation in Serbia should start with the appointment of a law firm that will undertake to prepare all the necessary incorporation documents and register the company.

We believe that only law firms are qualified to advise you on the proper business structure, tax matters, employment-related issues, and state subsidies, as well as export and import related matters, protection of IP, and other regulatory compliance matters. 

In Zunic Law Firm, we understand that entering a new market may feel uncertain. Therefore, we have created various packages of off-the-shelf service addressing different clients’ needs, which always include fixed attorney’s fees and great predictability of the costs. 

Our off-the-shelf service packages may include:

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Complex Entity Formation Procedures

In addition to the company formation, Zunic Law attorneys assist with the establishment of the entities that require specific and complex procedures, usually involving several state bodies, such as: 

  • Establishment of medical and healthcare institutions (such as the establishment of pharmacies in Serbia) 
  • Establishment of educational institutions (such as opening kindergartens or opening private schools and universities)
  • Establishment of foundations
  • Establishment of tourist agencies (tourist travel organizers and intermediaries in the sale of organized tourist)
  • Establishment of associations.

Off-the-Shelf Companies

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Virtual Office in Belgrade and Virtual Office in Novi Sad

We understand that you might need more time to establish your physical business presence or you wish to have your staff work from home. In this case, we provide a notable virtual office in Belgrade or a virtual office in Novi Sad. Apart from being the subject to low costs, the virtual office enables our clients to have:

  • Organized collection of documents from the bank, Tax Administration and other state bodies
  • Local phone number
  • Call and email answering
  • Meeting room for conferences and business consultations.


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