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Zunic Law Held a Workshop at the Vojvodina ICT Cluster


On 26 January 2018, attorneys Tijana Žunić Marić and Nemanja Žunić held a workshop together with Vojvodina ICT Cluster (VOICT) for the representatives of the leading IT companies on the following topics:

  • Key legal aspects of Software Development Agreement
  • Confidentiality procedures in the IT sector

The workshop covered the challenges faced by IT companies in Serbia during negotiations with foreign clients in concluding software development agreements. In the first part of the workshop, the lawyers of the Zunic Law Firm presented some of the practical legal solutions, relying on regulations and case law from the legal system of Great Britain and the United States. The second part of the workshop was focused on providing specific legal advice regarding the introduction of confidentiality procedures to companies in the IT sector, following the internal procedures developed in some of the world’s leading companies.

The workshop was the first workshop in the series on legal aspects of the business in the IT sector within the Vojvodina ICT Cluster, organized by the Zunic Law Firm as its Associate member. It was attended by representatives of some of the biggest names in the Serbian software industry.

Otherwise, Vojvodina ICT cluster is an association that brings together Serbian companies in the information technology sector, which have recognized that such a platform gives the opportunity for a faster and better progress of the IT community, not only within the Cluster but also in Serbia in general. This association has a strong community support through institutions in the field of education, regional development and the civil sector, and Zunic Law Firm is the only member of the Cluster from the legal services department.

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