Nemanja Žunić 

Having drafted and reviewed hundreds of IT contracts or IT agreements, we gained an in-depth industry knowledge enabling us to give tailor-made legal advice to any IT company, while being aware of all the legal traps and loopholes.

Examples of IT contracts we can assist with include:

  • Software License Agreements
  • Software Development Agreement, Game Development Agreement and App Development Agreement
  • IT Equipment Purchase Agreement
  • IT Professional Services Agreement
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS Agreement
  • Technology Joint Venture Agreement
  • Spin-off Agreement
  • Game Publisher License Agreement
  • IT Brokerage Agreement
  • IT Service Level Agreement
  • Support and Maintenance Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions for Apps and Websites
  • IT independent contractor and subcontractor agreement.

Zunic Law Firm has a trusted pool of independent IT consultantsdevelopers upon which we may rely on to enable us to fully appreciate the technical side of the agreement if providing bespoke legal advice requires so.


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