Our attorneys pride themselves on their professional, yet sensitive, approach to matters of family law, child law and inheritance; all of which we recognize as requiring a delicate touch. We offer a broad spectrum of advice based on our thirty years of experience including cases having a cross-border element, from interjurisdictional marriages to child abduction.

Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad deals with wide array of legal issues from prenuptial agreements to divorce, separations, property divisions, family violence, domestic abuse and child abduction.

If you and your spouse, civil partner or partner are unable to agree on how the division of your marital property following your divorce, we can enter into negotiations on your behalf endeavoring to secure a fair division of assets, whilst taking great care not to aggravate any existing tensions. If an agreement cannot be reached, we have experience representing clients through the court process or family mediation.

Our expertise also includes child law issues, be it to advise on the child’s custody, adoption,  maintenance, residence, access and even abduction. We can advise you as to the best course of action to protect yourself and your family in respect of violence or threats of violence among family members. We also represent victims of abuse in criminal proceedings.