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In the area of Employment Law, our primary focus is to provide consultancy and advisory services to prevent issues arising. This is achieved by being on-hand to guide employers through the necessary steps to conform to their legal obligations. We establish a close relationship with a client’s HR department and become a part of your team. Our long-term clients have ongoing access to our expertise before making any significant employment-related decisions.


Introducing the Right Procedures and Policies

We help you establish the right company culture by drafting:


Employment Subsidies, Tax Benefits, Compensation, and Employee Stock Options

We advise you how to use state subsidies and tax benefits for employment, so you can optimize the costs of your business.

We regularly help clients design, document, review, and operate all types of employee benefit plans and compensations, including health and welfare, retirement, employment, incentive bonus, and severance programs.

Zunic Law Firm also assists clients with stock options plans for employees (ESOP).


Employment Compliance Training

Zunic Law organizes internal on-premise and online employment compliance training for HR and Management. We strive to go beyond just a check-the-box compliance course to deliver an engaging and interactive experience for our clients by providing real-life examples and practical guidance for employers.

Our attorneys specializing in Labor and Employment Law are often invited to give presentations and lectures on different aspects of the employment law.


Employment Termination

We advise on disciplinary measures, consensual and unilateral termination of the employment, to eliminate any risk for the employer.

We offer an off-the-shelf service, starting from negotiations to the final termination date, which includes completion of such a non-pleasant procedure without any time resources of the employer.


Internal Dispute Resolution and Out-of-Court Labor Dispute Resolution

Zunic Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support in dispute resolution through mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and internal resolution, in order to avoid a lengthy and often compromising litigation. We also guide employers through the proper conduct of disciplinary proceedings.


Employment Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises, our attorneys are on-hand to immediately step in and guide our client to the most cost-effective and efficient resolution. Our clients appreciate the fact that we always give realistic assessments. For this reason, throughout over 30 years of the Zunic Law Firm’s existence, our employment litigation record has been exceptional.

We put a special focus on dispute resolution that include:


Health and Safety, Protection from Discrimination and Harassment at Workplace

A healthy and safe working environment is not just a legal requirement – it is a question of the company’s culture and survival.

Zunic Law Firm advises on the employer’s obligation under the Law on Safety and Health at Work and other legislation. This also includes protection of discrimination and protection of harassment at workplace.


Data Protection and Privacy at Workplace

Our team of attorneys provides employers with a full range of services needed to address emerging privacy and data protection issues. We are strongly committed to developing policies that regulate the use of the latest technologies such as social media, location tracking, data loss prevention software, and e-mail and Internet monitoring.

When employers are relying on background checks of job applicants and employees, Zunic Law helps to navigate legal requirements and strike the right balance between the necessary business decisions and employee privacy.


Class Action

Zunic Law Firm has an outstanding record in employment class actions, defending clients in hundreds of workplace-related disputes. In one of the disputes that raised public interest, Zunic Law Firm had major success in proving thatNis Gazprom Neft had forced void provisions against employees, as well as that the same company hasunlawfully profited from its employees regarding 2011 annual bonuses.


Employee Mobility and Secondment

Zunic Law helps intra-company group cross-border movement of employees by advising on a variety of issues – from immigration to tax and social contributions.


Independent Contractors and Non-Employment Engagement

Independent contractors exist in a variety of professions and industries and have a unique role in employment law with their own rules. While the term independent contractor may be well known, the benefits and risks of being an independent contractor might not be. We help companies and independent contractors understand the legal implications of their contractual relationship from the employment, contractual, and tax perspective.

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