A truly unique facet setting Zunic Law Firm Novi Sad apart is our track record of successfully guiding our private real estate clients and investors through shifting market conditions and legal frameworks.

The real estate market in Serbia has suffered unparalleled transformations over the last three decades. Many of the political reforms caused undesirable results in this area followed by even less successful corrections of the existing system. Real estate has been left with great uncertainty, complex legal and factual scenarios, followed by distrust towards state institutions.

Based on almost thirty years of experience we are able to solve even the most complex real estate issues. Our clients rely on us for all aspects of their transactions, from due diligence investigations and deal structuring to closing and on-going asset management support.

Methodology our lawyers follow is to apply a multidisciplinary approach by considering related areas such as finance, tax, sales and acquisitions. Key areas of our expertise include project structuring, real estate acquisition and property litigation. Our long-term clients have round-the-clock access to our team to discuss all legal issues arising from the management of their real estate.