Nemanja Žunić 

In a startup, everything is unpredictable. Having been in a startup ourselves, we appreciate that the founders need clear legal advice and predictability of the attorney’s costs. We are committed to meeting these needs. We take time to get to know your new business during complimentary initial consultations and provide you with the essential information about where and how to start. Our legal support includes:

Early stage

  • Agreement between the founders
  • Business incorporation and corporate legal issues
  • IP protection and Data protection
  • Employment & Employees’ Shares
  • Commercial Agreements

Scale up stage

  • Capital Acquisition Deals (loans, grants, incubators and accelerators, venture capital, business angels, crowdfunding)
  • Capital Increases
  • Exit from the startup

We understand that a start-up may be operating globally across various jurisdictions. Therefore, we are able to ensure that your brand is protected by a trademark not only in Serbia but also in the United States and in the EU, without hiring lawyers from other jurisdictions. As regards to other legal issues, we cooperate with some of the UK and US law firms renowned for their expertise in IT law, so we are able to offer complete legal support at all times.


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